can i get the legos with the happy meal? (betterideas) wrote,
can i get the legos with the happy meal?

ring ring ring

i found the phone number to the past. it's a crazy number. almost like calling international. it was found by chance and i didn't write it down, so i only had one phone call. like jail. i had to make it count.

it was late. but i knew i'd be awake. i was always up late in the past. a total night owl. not like now.

i didn't want to waste a lot of time going into the hows and whys and hows of the phone call. i can't imagine what kind of charges would show up on my bill. do you know how much it costs to call the past? i'll find out in about 28 days.

i think if i had more time i would have researched some winning lottery numbers, or maybe some hot stock tips and passed them on. but it was an impulsive call. and i guess that wasn't why i was calling in the first place. but still, it might have been helpful.

anyway, i was pretty skeptical. i mean, in the past. i couldn't believe it, it was crazy, was it some kind of joke, all that nonsense. it was exactly the way i would react to a phone call from the future. so i told myself to shut it and listen as the phone call wasn't going to be cheap. in the past i wasn't really concerned with the costs associated with things. which i guess was why i was calling the past in the first place.

i ran through a list. what to do, who to avoid, what to worry about, why flossing is actually very important. it was all very stream of consciousness. i hadn't planned this out after all. i said to avoid him, to run the other way, to not get tangled in that whole mess. actually, i said to avoid the whole mess. a lot of messes. a lot of hims. and i said to appreciate everyone. to really love my friends, to really be aware. to really live and to not hide from life. to want. to want big. to try. to fail. to try some more. to create. to be happy and not overthink.

and then, to find him. to find him, and hang on to him. to leap with arms open. he would catch me. to love, love, love.

the phone call was a lot shorter than i remember it as being. the timer on the phone says 13m 47s. i felt like i talked for days. i felt better.

i just hope i listened.
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