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can i get the legos with the happy meal?

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the dream

i was at the beach. i was with christa (who i was furious at for her earlier actions), frankie (the man who had cut my hair and made me a visor to wear), and tammy (this rich girl who drove everywhere in a golf cart). everyone was swimming in the ocean, but i don't swim. so, i sat in the bleachers (?) and watched. christa comes back with tammy's camera and the keys to the station wagon (?) and i put them in my pockets so they won't get wet. the girl sitting next to me in the bleachers (maybe beachers would be more appropriate. haha.) tells security i stole her camera. the security guard questions me about who's camera i have and why and blah blah blah, and he's grabbing my arm. so i tell him to get his hands off me and start yelling. the next thing i know it is hours later and everyone is leaving the beach. we are all walking out of the beach through a giant exit room. the security guard from earlier says something about knowing i didn't steal. christa says it was tammy's fault and she's not really our friend. the security guard agrees and gives me a friendly hug. i push him against the wall and try to kiss him. he resists. i wake up.
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