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it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it...

you would think that i deserve a fat promotion..

honestly. so the store i work at is going through a "re-merch". basically, they are tearing up everything and re-organizing everything. everything including my office. i work in the money room / cash office / administrative office. when i came in to work this morning at 5am, i had NO OFFICE. strangely, i don't feel safe counting large sums of cash in a little room with no door. but, i was assured that i would have my office done as soon as possible. since you know, it was supposed to be done overnight. but no. my office was not completed until 2:15 this afternoon. 15 minutes after my scheduled out time. i dragged the money through the fucking store and counted it in the only locked office we have. BY HAND.

luckily jan came in and helped me. otherwise i would have died. a lot. twice.

so, now i'm drunk!

and in more happy news: i'm dating the most bestest man ever. he's smart, funny, cute, and just all around good to me. and i think i've got a major case of the "l". but you know, whatevs. so, i'm still alive. still cranky. still dating the bestest man ever.

and i'm still in love with my

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